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RON Currency – The Romanian New Leu

The Romanian New Leu, commonly known by its acronym RON, is the official currency of Romania, a country rich in history and culture in Eastern Europe. The term “leu” translates to “lion” in Romanian, symbolizing strength and courage, reflecting the national spirit of Romania.

Historical Context

The Romanian leu has a storied history, mirroring the country’s turbulent economic and political journey. The original leu was introduced in 1867, replacing the former currency, as Romania sought to establish a strong, unified monetary system. Over the decades, the leu underwent several transformations, often indicative of the broader socio-economic shifts within the country and the region.

The Birth of the New Leu

In a significant move to stabilize the national economy and streamline its currency system, Romania introduced the New Leu (RON) on July 1, 2005. This change involved a denomination process where 10,000 old lei (ROL) were exchanged for 1 new leu (RON). This revaluation was a critical step towards modernizing the economy, combating inflation, and preparing for integration into broader European markets.

Features and Design

The design of the RON notes and coins reflects Romania’s rich cultural heritage and historical figures. Each banknote showcases prominent Romanian personalities, such as poets, playwrights, and politicians, alongside traditional motifs and symbols. The coins, too, are adorned with iconic elements of Romanian history and culture. This attention to detail in the currency’s design underscores a deep sense of national pride and heritage.

RON in the International Market

Since its introduction, the RON has been subject to the fluctuations and dynamics of the international financial market. Its exchange rate against major currencies like the Euro and the US Dollar is an important indicator of Romania’s economic health and stability. As Romania continues to integrate into the global economy, particularly with its aspirations to join the Eurozone, the RON remains a symbol of the country’s economic resilience and potential.


The Romanian New Leu is not just a medium of exchange; it’s a reflection of the country’s tumultuous past, its rich cultural identity, and its aspirations for a stable and prosperous future. As Romania continues to grow and develop on the international stage, the RON will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in shaping and reflecting the country’s economic narrative.